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Study abroad in Turkey for Pakistani students

Turkey, the continental-crossroad country is officially called 'the Republic of Turkey'. The country is chiefly located in Western Asia, with a smaller portion on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe.  The region has experienced lives from diverse civilizations. Hellenization, in fact, started during Alexander the Great era and continued into the Byzantine period. Today Turkey is becoming the most preferred destination to study abroad.

Ankara and Istanbul| the major Turkish cities

Though Ankara is the capital city of Turkey, the largest city in Turkey is Istanbul. Istanbul resides over 15 million citizens. The city is however situated on the world-famous Silk Road and the only sea route between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Istanbul, in fact, is the industrial hub of Turkey. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in its Golden Horn harbour area.


Turkey, in general, enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate, with, dry summers and mild to cool wet winters. Due to its geographical nature, many Turkish zones also experience extreme climates, with elevated temperatures in summer months to snowy winters in the eastern portion of the country.

Historical Nation

Turkey is a historic nation and tourists often visit Turkey to explore the past. It, in fact, has a long and complex history, with multiple invasions including Ottoman, Greece and Byzantine etc. Turkey has faced enormous instability in the political genre. For such a diversity of empires, the culture is shaped into many visages. Reflecting all the features of the western world, the country is successfully maintaining its traditional ethnicity.

Higher Education and International Students in Turkey

Turkey has always participated in rendering quality education. However, during the last 10 years, the country revamped its education system inviting a number of international students to study in higher education institutions of Turkey. Today the number of international students studying in Turkish universities has increased by 75% with approximately 150 thousand international students. 17 thousand of these foreign students are studying on Turkish scholarship programs. According to a recent notification, Turkey aims to host 200 thousand international students by 2023.  There are in fact 183 higher education institutions in Turkey, in which state universities are 109, while the remaining 74 are private non-profit institutions.

Turkey's internationalization shift in higher education is basically based on the following four logics:

  • Academic development and interaction,

  • Economic development and solidarity,

  • Development of political and diplomatic relations

  • Social and cultural interaction

Degree courses, Universities and Scholarships in Turkey for Pakistani Students 

These Turkish universities and other higher education institutes conduct all sorts of degree programs like associate's, bachelor's, master or doctorate degree levels. These courses are mostly available in Turkish language. However English taught programs are increasingly getting popular these days.  The higher education institutes comprise universities, faculties, schools of higher education, conservatories, and vocational schools of higher education cultures. Tuition fees at the public universities are lower than the expensive private institution. Several scholarships are granted to international students, some of which are fully- funded with accommodation, monthly allowances and health insurance coverage

Two of Turkey’s universities are listed in top 500 in the 2019 QS World University Rankings. The highest ranked university is Koç University, ranked 448th. Bilkent University, however, is the next ranked at the 456th position. Istanbul University is the oldest institution in the city, founded in 1453.

Visit Turkey Guide for Pakistani Students 

Turkey is a destination of Arts and entertainment. Lira is the official currency but transactions in Euro and dollars are also very common. Islam is the official religion of the country. Turkish artists, playwrights, musicians and sculptors have created history in their fields and has given their nation a unique cultural identity. In the vibrant and beautiful city of Istanbul, (once Constantinople), visitors will experience ethnic glamour and fine dining. Tourists visit there to explore the grand Blue Mosque or gardens.  The population is pretty friendly and hospitable. Beautiful beaches, natural wonders, blue voyage tours, historical and religious sites, shopping centers and a vibrant nightlife have made Turkey the most favourite tourist destination. Turkish cuisine includes various types of Mouthwatering Kebabs and refreshing Turkish drinks like Salgam and Boza.

Hence, if you are planning to study abroad, think about this multicultural destination to complete your degree programs

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